Tuesday, March 22, 2011

WHEN SHADOWS FALL (c) By Polly Guerin

Into each life gloomy shadows may fall

It is the moment that we recall

When dark was the day of discontent

Trying to unravel what it all meant

Though life’s shadows may seem long

This passing cloud does not stay strong

The sun will break through the gloom

Clearing the way for you to resume

A positive outlook on another day

Rejoice in its portent don’t dismay

No one’s life is perfect or unmarred

The secret message 'do not get scarred'

Take it all in but think twice

Remember it’s a part of life

Don’t be hard-hearted and mean

At most it’s only a temporary dream

So when shadows fall and they surely will

Cast off the clouds be calm, be still

Be light-hearted and try to smile

This too will pass, only last awhile

Lift the sullen veil let the sunshine in

Renew, take courage and again begin

To reclaim your joy and start a new chapter

Remember, your happiness is what you’re after!!!

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