Wednesday, June 8, 2011

WORDS, WORDS, WORDS (c) By Polly Guerin

Spoken words are metamorphosistic

One minute they come crashing down

Another time words send you reeling
Or toss you around like a merry-go-round

Uncharted spoken words can be catastrophic
Without merit your limited view can be myopic

But life-giving words break down low self-esteem
Letting us accomplish beyond our choicest dreams

Just one loving compliment can change a life course
Pile on the compliments, “You’ve got the resource,”

Be the leader of your personal cheering squad
Shout out praises to everyone bold, out loud

Your positive words can set a person free
Just tell someone, “I’m proud of you,” and see

The door opening up wider to their destiny Your kind hearted gestures are full of glee

Restoring confidence where lackluster sits

Say ‘You’re great in what you do” it fits

Encouragement lets people choose to excel
Reach out; let someone know that you can tell

They’re someone special and ring a bell
Ringing out praises, announce they’re well

Kind words spread health and healing
Put your heart into every loving meaning

Keep the positive punch in every phrase
Do it often, feel the buoyant joy rephrase

Choose wisely the words that you convey
Bringing hope to all in need we pray.

1 comment:

  1. I read your “Words” and found it right
    Words are Might.
    Can set things right
    When followed by positive action
    Cruel words bring negative reaction
    Be careful how you choose
    Words make you win or lose
    The battle of life
    Can trigger love
    Or hatred from above
    Be careful when you choose
    What have you got to lose?
    If your word were nice
    They’ll break the ice
    Add some spice
    To a world bleak and snappy
    Go on!
    Make someone happy