Thursday, March 3, 2011

YOUR STORY (c) By Polly Guerin

Each page in the book of life

Tells of heartache, love and strife.

How well will you tell your story,

Will it celebrate life’s glory?

And be glad of the choices made
Was it one of courage and comrade?

Inspiring others to greater achievement
Despite lost victories and bereavement?

Did you champion of the goals of others
Be a faithful steward we’re all brothers

Were you creative even in miniscule tasks
Inspiration and pride of work was asked

Someone imbued with a generous heart
A first responder before you part?

If disappointment came your way
Know there is hope in another day

Write a new chapter on a positive note
Reconfirm affirmations on what you wrote
Each day a newborn page unfolds
Inscribing your account and goals

Make life changes on each page
Learn from your story like a sage.

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