Sunday, April 23, 2017

ADIEU Dear Life By Polly Guerin

No earthly grave for me
in dark twilight years, I be

Alone in the cold damp ground
Missing nature's joyous sound

I do not expect to wither there
They'll be no one to even care

And set a flower by my stone
For I be here quite all alone

No, No no wooden coffin box
Plunked down with forever locks

I prefer to return to humble dust
Take my ashes but do not rush

Go gently to some quiet glade or glen
Somewhere, where I have never been

An spread my ashes among songbirds
Singing love song I have never heard

And let the wind take me faraway, far
Where field flowers bloom like a star

And here I rest my weary tired head
Nourishing the nature's earth instead

The silent earth beneath my flight
Into the heavens I might alight.

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