Saturday, January 28, 2017

TENDER HEARTED (c) Valentines 2017: By Polly Guerin


Let's be kinder and more tender hearted
Even before Valentine's day has started

Despite perceived affection or love lost
Sweetness melts disappointed thoughts

Forget petty grievances and alight
Dispel disenchantment and reunite

Love is the golden thread in the blanket of life
Weave cautiously with warmth, tender hindsight

Look to the world through the eyes of love
Empathy endures forever like a cooing dove

Surround yourself with new found kindness
A compassionate heart dispels blindness

Let there be sweetness in your vocal discourse
Be tactful, it's time to change with no remorse

Reject the platitudes of life, instead renew
With humble gratitude be faithful, be YOU

A steadfast follower, love forever lasts
With pleasant memories from the past

Love conquers all, diminishes discontent
A kinder, a gentler seeker is the intent

Renewed, infused with a tender heart
Let us embrace at last, before we part

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