Friday, November 24, 2017

ADIEU NOVEMBER 2017 By Polly Guerin

November came in nipping at our nose
And one colder day we nearly froze

Then a whipping wind tore into space
The tree branches pirouetted in place

The colors of nature warmed the palette
Cranberry vied with gold on earth's planet

Then, too, the Veteran's Day parade 
Reminded us not to forget the brave

And a season of deeply felt gratitude
Thanksgiving helped form our attitude

Pumpkin, butternut squash, apple pie
November's aroma Delicious! I cry 

Let's not forget sweet November
Take time to record and remember

The season of a harvestful bounty
Of good feeling sentiments counting

Those glory days with family, friends
The welcome mat open never ends

We hardly had time to savor November
Those treasured days by warm embers

Time to prepare for the joyous adventure
A holiday is on the threshold, did I mention 

Parting indeed is such, such sweet sorrow
Let's look to all that's brand new tomorrow 

So I bid Adieu to November's autumn phase
Soon frosty weather takes over within days!!!

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