Sunday, November 12, 2017


It took a long time to become me
That's quite amazing I do agree

I have achieved, I have no regrets
I'm not the kind of gal who forgets

I remember how I squandered days
My youthful folly was another phase

Those precious days sadly wasted
Pinning away worried an unscathed 

Mooning over romance, lost love
Found relief from grief from above

I count my abundant blessings now
I know myself at last, yes I do avow

Awhirl in a joyous mature dance
An now I take a backward glance

My life story's in a perfect place
I'll write it down before the race

And take life back with gratitude
A new found joie de vivre attitude

To celebrate the new reborn me
My rejuvenation sets me free!

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