Sunday, April 14, 2013

SOME DAY, A Procrastination Ditty (c) By Polly Guerin

I told myself I would do it later

But it never got done, I was on the run

You’ve got talent someone said with force

So I thought I’d take a creative course

But registration’s notice came and went

The time was wasted and poorly spent

Idling the hours opportunity passed me by

I’d ponder and wonder why I did not try

I’ll make that call I’d cheerful chime

Really, I’d protest “As soon as I have time!”

But I forgot the promise right on the spot

Good intentions evaporated gone to rot

I’ll write that thank you note very soon

But I procrastinated from May to June

And forgot, ‘Golly I thought it’s deplorable’

The way these things become ignorable

I’ve put things far off from time to time

It’s conduct unbecoming, for shame a crime

I’ll do it soon, some day, I’d did protest

These demands put me to the ultimate test

However, by now you should know the rest

Alas, procrastinators heed my humble warning

The day of your comeuppance is really dawning

Time accelerates, opportunities fast run out

Even before you protest and boldly shout

“Someday I promise I will do it,” my friend

But some day may never, ever come again!

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