Sunday, April 28, 2013

Nature's CHORUS OF PRAISE (c) By Polly Guerin

Ode to Celestial Music of the Spheres! By Jorge Luis Somarriba
No instruments needed---

Harmonies of the universe rejoice

Unite each day in varied choice


As the morning awakens each day

Bursting forth in joyous sunray

Hum along---

As twilight ushers in birdsong chatter

Night brings insect songs to scatter

Chorus Sings---

Nature unites in brilliant orchestration

Song of the Spheres from nation to nation

Creativity Inspired---

Vibrations of nature’s pulsating heart

Listen intently letting creativity start

Ripple Effect---

A pebble thrown upon the placid water

Spreads ripples of rhythmic order

Attune to Nature---

Leaves dance to the baton of the breeze

Rainbow flowers yearn to please

Colors Unite---

Nature changes her seasonal dress

With colors to dazzle and impress

Bringing Joy---

The sounds of nature heal and cure

Step into the garden unlock the door

Happy Again---

The harmony of motion rocks us to sleep

Pure notes of a lullaby for a child to keep

Peaceful Moments---

Like a prayer, music of the spheres

Brings comfort and love over the years


Comes peacefully on soft waves of love

Sent to us as a gift from heaven above.

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