Saturday, September 21, 2013

BITTERSWEET REFLECTIONS Autumn 2013 (c) By Polly Guerin

Life can be bitter and sweet at the same time

Like the woody vine its berries cling and climb

Its prolific orange and yellow berries system

Resembles weapons of judgment and criticism

It does its worst in a blaze of autumn glory

Like life’s complaints it’s the same old story

Its thick leafy vines overtake trees and shrubs

Even grasses eventually succumb to its rubs

Smothering other participants like the leafy vine

You too may over-compete an take over in time

Don’t let tempers flare up under any phase

In a few weeks the woods will be ablaze

Producing a mixture of pain and pleasure

Bittersweet resembles life in every measure

Yet its perennial beauty makes a pretty wreath

Instead it is peace and harmony we seek

Take a new path, adopt a fresh perspective

Don’t let cliinging vines curtail your exit

Every bittersweet memory brings a treasure

Discards pain and renews pleasure.

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