Saturday, October 12, 2013

A SOLDIER'S CHRISTMAS 2013 (c) By Polly Guerin

Somewhere in a silent night

Where angels begin their flight

The snow blankets the earth

Newfound peace we search

Mysterious snowflakes on the windowpane

With untold stories of a soldier’s pain

Somewhere a mother’s loving lullaby

Recalls a cherished child bye, bye, bye

Muffled voices heard round the world

Storyteller’s lament those lives unfurled

Safe are we tucked securely in our bed

Cold comfort that the soldiers led

So we who dream on the midnight stars

Remember those young gone away so far

Into foreign lands where they died

A world full of pity too late cried

Somewhere the sad bells are ringing

Yet the angels rise up and singing

Have you heard the loss is profound?

Tears cannot wash away the sound

And a mother’s heart is broken

Silent night, not a word spoken

Look at the wondrous star in sky

Yet we wonder, “Why, Why, Why!!!”

Polly Guerin: Author: Cooper-Hewitt Dynasty of New York (History Press 2013)

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