Tuesday, March 5, 2013

A MOTHER WAITS (c) By Polly Guerin

A mother’s love is the inner source

Her devotion is on a steady course

Though heartbreak comes, and it will

Her steadfast faith is strong, and still

Her courage amazes despite reverse

No complaint has strength to search

Within her heart for guidance to reclaim

The glory of the family’s given name

Taking pride in even the minutest detail

Her praise ignites inspiration, never fails

To take control of doubt and fear

Her faith is strong year after year

Children are the pearls in her value purse

Childhood memories center in her universe

Countless days provide pondering dreams

Of a house of gay cacophony, in reams

Of children’s laughter in those halcyon days

Memories she cherishes in the scrapbook page

Yet, she gave her all when they were tots

Her stewardship of their life not forgot

A mother waits with boundless patience

Satisfies but little when alone and anxious

Expecting a dear child to knock on the door

That’s all she hopes for, I do implore.

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