Sunday, April 28, 2019

ADIEU TO APRIL 2019 By Polly Guerin

The earth was like a child again
That waxed poetic like a friend

Spring arrived in a color garden fair
With Daffodils and Tulips everywhere

Ever leaf was singing with roundelay
A chorus of chirping birds did replay

We felt spontaneous, giddy and gay
Wonderlust feelings go out and play

Then the winter chill re-appeared
The fierce windy blast cut our cheer

Frosty weather chilled our delight
Putting Spring forward overnight

Make up your mind oh fickle spring
Bring back sunshine and Spring bling

Then April rain came in fitful showers
Sent sweet kisses down for undue hours

Every ripple brook and pond was singing
Dewdrops from the sun were lingering

Then glorious days and golden weather 
Easter and Passover holidays together

Then the sun sang a darling lullaby
And squelched all the tears goodbye.

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