Sunday, March 31, 2019


The last days of winter were not over
With roaring wind and snowfall cover

The blast was loud and very shrill
We braced ourselves for the chill

When sweet syrup ran from the bark
Maple sugar gatherings were a lark

Then Mardi Gras' Fat Friday glee
Warmed our hearts and set us free

St. Patrick'  jolly revelers passed by
With pompous parade and green pride

International Woman's Day made haste
Le's not forget who made it in the race

Daylight savings time gained an hour
Yet swoosh went by and made us sour

The Equinox announced Spring official 
The land awakened with lush green thistle 

The sun was brilliant in the pristine sky
It was so welcome, so lovely, made me cry

March madness alas ended this weekend 
April entered politely, our dear, dear friend. 

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