Friday, June 28, 2019

ADIEU TO JUNE 2019 By Polly Guerin

Lovely June the Mille Fleur month arrived in haste
The Summer Solstice brought us warmth and grace

The brides arrived and sailed into safe harbor
Their hearts entwined with love and ardor

Lush roses and lush strawberries on the vine
The air was blue, the lush green lawn so divine

Mating thrushes in the glen ushered in the day
Sweet June declared summer, take time to play

Flag Day reminded us to salute our freedom
May it wave forever now and every season

Then sweet June was baptized in a misty rain
A deluge ensued, climate warming was to blame

We tried to save the month from a calamitous end
Then in dewy air, June became our cheery friend

Father's day well wishers paid due honor to men
With gratitude overflowing in celebration they send

We mourn the fact that June flew in and out so fast
Memories of the sweetest month fleetingly did not last.

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