Sunday, April 14, 2019

EARTH DAY 2019 By Polly Guerin

The world is in a lull and weeping
Yet many people still are sleeping

White hunters strike, club baby seals
Their cruel acts for profit are surreal

Plastic seas kill, no chance for re-birth
Pollution covers the sickened earth

Sound the alarm precious species vanishing
At an overwhelming rate is their banishing

Sea creatures and corral reefs now at risk
Caught in nets they perish, do not exist

The angry seas and rising angry waters
Devour towns, begin the human slaughter

Families driven off the barren sick land
Deforestation is the new monied brand

Overwhelming climate change day by day
Do it now, Save our planet, this I pray

Restore us back to Earth Day's nature
Or does our fate depend upon the Creator?

Protest and petition loud and clear for change
Waste no time to put the blame lets rearrange

Write in and be counted among the first
Proclaim the urgency, end folly and reverse

Activate, do it now, join the outcry, be counted
Before looming catastrophe is fully mounted 

Awake and join the multitude in the planet cry
Before all hope is forever lost and we may die.

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