Wednesday, April 15, 2015

WHEN I SLEEP (C) By Polly Guerin

When I am gone lay me down to sleep            In a sweet wildflower meadow deep

Spread my wings among the Lupines
 Under the brilliant iridescent sky I lie

Hummingbirds patrol my bower
And dig deep into the nectar flower
And bees sipping honey so sweet
Buzz off to return again we meet

Scattering song and sowing seed
Chatting birds sing joyful need

Even when it showers and drizzles
I will nourish the earth as it fizzles

And rest my head on an earthly pillow  
Meadow sweet, blanket of the willow

Shades me from the blinding sun
Before the day’s awakening begun

I shall be silent and rest in peace
Glad to lay there in joyful release

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