Wednesday, April 22, 2015

THE CHURCH LADY'S HAT (c) By Polly Guerin

Leslie James Hat 

Her fantasy hat sat perched on her head
Everyone wondered where it was breed

Each Sunday the hat looked brand new
What had she added, not anyone knew

Crepe paper rainbow flowers arrived
And covered the crown to our surprise

Next week lilacs and lily of the valley bloomed
It was a wonder the hat even had the room

Week four she added green ferns to the brim
The hat was overweight, lost its former slim

Then she added tiny dancing hummingbirds
Some parishioners thought the hat absurd

The Hat Lady ignored their quaint surprise
It was a gorgeous creation in her eyes

Then one day she added two satin bows
With streamers descending far below

There was no stopping her creative nerve
The Hat Lady persevered and did serve

To up end everyone’s envy and alarm
But the hat had such appealing charm

It was the talk of the whole congregation
An amazing hat creation in the nation

She even entered the hat in the Easter Parade
And her triumph was assured and made

The Hat Lady a celebrity on the front page
The hat became famous and all the rage.

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