Monday, June 8, 2015


Before the gentle windswept dunes
The silent sentinels sit marooned

Yonder sailboats drift out to sea
With multi-colored sails I see

Red and blues aloft dot the vista
Brilliant colors in the placid sea

Gliding across the waves of time
Defined by nature the view sublime

It’s tranquil time for the smallest dreams
I review the daydream list or so it seems

That the exquisite serenity, a quiet release
Gives us time to ponder, time for peace

A dragon fly is the keeper of dreams
Lets imagination surface or so it seems

It stills the mind to create and contemplate
Ideas take flight, all brand new at any rate

In this escape from a plugged in world
Day dreaming encouraged, ideas unfurled

Release dormant creativity once submerged
Savour precious time till you have the urge

To create in the quiet solitude alone
There go and find your muse reborn,

Let daydreams work into fact your fondest dreams!

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