Saturday, January 24, 2015

Tick Tock Table (c) By Polly Guerin

The acceleration of time puts me in a spin
The days flash by before I scarce begin

The minutes rush past as if in orbit
The hours join the race and forfeit

How can we hold back the time?
I’d give gold to solve the crime

Dreaming of a lush languid day
Before I sleep, I fervently pray

So much more to finish before I go
Into the abyss, for this I know---

February is the promise of a kiss
May brings with it may time bliss

Sweet June has a warm sandy heart
July rushes in with a flip-flop start

September renews autumn colors
October touches down with umbrellas

November’s family reunions top the scale
Then, December celebrations never fail

To let January sneak back into the race
Hold on, hold back and slow the pace

Don’t get frantic, take time to savor
Every morsel of the tick tock table.

Be open hearted to the new January blast
Take control, re-claim time before we pass.

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