Monday, September 12, 2016


Today is the only day we have, it's called Today
Treasure it, why give it away?

Yesterday is forever, ever gone

Bring in new day with a song

Celebrate today as a special gift

A happy heart will soon uplift

Your expectations with elan

Jot down the hours make a plan

Find hidden treasures an clock

Give thanks for and take stock

Of joyful minutes to live alert

Banish disappoint and skirt

Issues not worth your watch

Smile more, don't be a starch

Robot passing in the parade

Give generous to those you aide

Hug someone with all your might
Banish loneliness and delight

Give someone a sweet surprise
Be honest, respectful and wise 

Pump up courage be your best

No time to dally take your rest

Today is the only day that matters

Tomorrow may never come, scatter

Your dreams and lose prime time
Latch onto today and you'll be fine!

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