Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Adieu GINNIE CURY By Polly Guerin (Virginia Guerin September 3, 1936-June 21, 2016)

Agostino Carracci's Whispering Angels

My sister died they say
A massive heart attack took her away

The pain an sorry will ease with time
Sweet memories will live on, be mine

To savor when at evening's end
I have lost my dearest friend

Though distant we kept in touch
I loved weekend calls very much

Admired most her brilliant mind
And with it all so very kind

So smart she could have been a judge
Unraveled legal matters without a grudge

A wonderful person her caring smile
She would do the work go the mile

A youthful beauty and blonde
In friendship we had a bond

She championed my creativity
Acknowledged great sensitivity

I'll miss her tender loving touch
She loved her little dog very much

In Canada as children at play
Never thought it would end this way

Sweet memories will keep me strong
Forever in my heart she will belong

Thank you Ginnie for being in my life
Having you as a sister was one
of Life's greatest gifts.....that will 
have evermore meaning as time goes by.

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