Friday, September 30, 2016


The Little Yellow House by Michael Baum

The Little Yellow House
New England's finest
Stood its ground down 
 a cul-de-sac

Sheltered by great ancient trees
It beckoned welcome if you please

An through shuttered windows
Saw the passing wildlife show

An yon nearby past the glen 
A mother deer and doe came again 

A lone red fox skirted over the meadow
A feisty hungry fellow

And dozens of wild turkey came
To prance before the windowpane

And lush bushes housed birds at the feeder
Squirrels and chipmunks were eager

House and wildlife in the picture frame
But, alas, it would never be the same

Then the wreckers took down the house
Ancient boulders and everything about

And the dead sweet meadow made me cry
The Little Yellow House heaved a sigh

A monster mansion took its place
New England had changed its face

Not for the better, destroyed the land
I shall never, never understand

Chopped down the majestic trees
And the wildlife did not please

The turkey flocks disappeared, gone
Never to hear the birds springtime song

An nary a deer or doe came this way
The 'disappeared' had nothing to say

Smooth artificial lawns sprawled
Natural grass an trees were appalled

Not for the better, destroyed the land
When will people ever understand

The threat to nature is beyond the pale.

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