Saturday, October 18, 2014

Ode to the Pumpkin (c) By Polly Guerin


Traugers Farm, Bucks County 
The pumpkin has a toothless smile
Yet he is revered from mile to mile

There’s pumpkin this and pumpkin that
The seasons bursting but nothing flat

Crunchy pumpkin granola comes first
Pumpkin café au lait quenches thirst

Pumpkin pancakes drizzle with jam
It’s pumpkin season, that’s the plan

Everything’s pumpkin, even bagels
And pumpkin cream cheese staples

Then there’s pumpkin in your soup
And pumpkin bread to dip and scoop

Or crunchy, crispy pumpkin croutons
Make salads delich and spicy, too

Take tea with pumpkin rolls or muffins
Spice up turkeys with pumpkin stuffin

Pumpkin pie is the season’s supreme
Why not top with pumpkin ice cream

Pumpkin waffles make a fancy dessert
Top them with pumpkin Greek yogurt

The French have pumpkin croissants
Then slather on rich pumpkin butter

Pumpkin spice icing sizzles on the cake
Eat pumpkin spiced seeds for goodness sake

The pumpkin season only lasts few more days
Really, I’m in a frenzy with this pumpkin phase.

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