Monday, October 13, 2014

AUTUMN IN NEW YORK 2014 (c) By Polly guerin

Autumn in New York 2014 ©
By Polly Guerin

The trees are singing a song
Then autumn leaves came along

A cacophony of painterly art
Before the winter had its start

Everything bursts with color
Admire the view like no other

Leaves dressed in crimson red
Brushed with gilt beams instead

A rich amber translucent glow
A blaze, it nearly stole the show

Then underneath the last dance
The squirrels seemed in a trance

Burying nuts beneath the earth
Marking their place to search

The glorious golden autumn days
Treasure them, before they phase

Nature’s grand finale is closing in
Savor the moments and begin

For too soon it’s a winter’s tale
Comes round so swift with the pale.

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