Saturday, May 15, 2021


The trees awaken and struggle to give birth   
And the sparrow's song tweets the silent earth

Like ballerinas the trees bend and sway      
Yearning towards the sun's warming rays     

The forest symphony sings from its roots     
Snaps, crackles, crushing twigs underfoot    

        King bluebirds take up the best in the court              
     Claim their territory where  others sought                 

Yet, hither and yon there's room for them all       
The creatures of spring are enthralled                  

But bring new life, they arise from sleep               
Fledglings emerge and being to peep                      

And the world rejuvenated thus renewed                     
Refreshing vistas and new found views                     

On nature's green velvet carpet we sit                       
Spring Awakening is our profound gift                       


Saturday, May 8, 2021



A mother's love is the inner source
Her devotion is on a steady course

Though heartbreak comes, and it will
Her steadfast faith is strong, and still

The gentle touch of a mother's hand
Reassures patients, lets us understand

Taking pride in even the minutest detail
Her praise ignites inspiration, never fails

Children are the pearls in her value purse
Childhood memories center in her universe

Of Children's laughter in those halcyon days
Memories she cherishes in the scrapbook page

These fleeting moments may surely pass
But a mother's love will forever last.


No com0laint

Friday, April 30, 2021

ADIEU To APRIL 2021: By Polly Guerin


April gave us ambivalent weather
We expected warmer days together

The chilly weeks were unlike sweet April
Rain and sunshine vied for the weather cable

Yet flower beds rose up with rainbow streams
Deep in their roots the tulips began to beam

Tartan Week brought out high spirited Scots
And voom marching bands began to shout

Earth Day on April 22 gave cause to renew
Our respect for nature's bounty on review

Enthusiasts watched the Academy Awards
And National Poetry Month was not ignored

Shakespeare's birthday evoked fine sonnets
And the earth came forth with April bonnets

Flowers blossomed with rainbow charm
And people responded with gentle calm

Patient and hopeful for the renewal of Spring
We received our reward and the birds did sing

As the days renewed a brighter, lighter glow
May brings love to everyone, this we know.

Saturday, April 24, 2021


As the the morning awakens each day
Bursting forth in joyous floral array

As twilight ushers in birdsong chatter
Night brings insect songs to scatter

Nature unites in brilliant orchestration
Song of the Spheres from nation to nation

Leaves dance to the baton of the breeze
Rainbow flowers yearn to please

Nature changes her seasonal dress
With colors to dazzle and impress

The sounds of nature heal and cure
Step into the garden, unlock the door

Like a prayer music of the spheres
Brings comfort and love to our ears


Friday, April 16, 2021

WONDER WORDS By Polly Guerin


The power of words can be soft as a prayer
To show you are concerned, that you care

/Wonder words sound like a baby's smile
Innocent and protected for a little while

Words well chosen are like nuggets of gold
Enriching, restoring as the story is told

The right words can change a person's life
Or cut them down to size with an edit knife

Good /conversation is becoming so rare
With pointless obsession we cannot bare

The manipulative power of words change
The monotony of everyday to rearrange

Our life's adventure in the spoken word
Encourage and support, let it be heard

Wonder Words lead us out of o static world
Keep talking talking with love unfurled.

Sunday, April 11, 2021

EXPECTATION: By Polly Guerin


It's time to look ahead with expectation
Rev up your positivity and do not ration

Dream big, fulfill your fondest dreams
Put your best foot forward, yet it seems

We may not know what the future holds
Be brave, dream onward to your new role

The pandemic is streaming out of place
You're heading forward happier to embrace

Your best efforts in the work you will prove
Share your talents, play it forward never lose

Your spark ignites wonderful possibilities
You're confidant, ready to restart civilities

Maintain a joyful expectation, and for a while
Try to be kinder and put on your best smile

Take positive expectations into your daily life
A grateful heart, a glad greeter would be so nice.


Monday, April 5, 2021

A Poem for Today: VALOR By Polly Guerin


Valor is an honorable award
It takes courage you can afford

To solider on to the very end
Encourage, your dearest friend

Maintain a steady forward cause
The days grow shorter because

Vaccinations streaming everywhere
We're fortified solid with urgent care

Feeling safer does not mean release
Keep up with protocols in place please

Even small gestures count as valor
Help a neighbor, become a scholar''

Stand up to injustice, sign a pledge
Valor takes you over the placid edge

To a leadership role on a small scale
Valor in your heart will never fail

To contribute to love and  peace
May you find Valor a joy to release.