Monday, July 31, 2017

Polly Soliloquy 2017

I will blow down to the sea now
Alone in the wind before the bow

And dream the dream of dreams
For life is never what it seems

Into another dimension I will clime
Review my life's work in real time

Remembering the treasured past
I thought it would forever last

A life cut short is a great loss
Yet I have lived beyond the cost

The waves of time wash o'er the mind
Was I not gentle, loving and kind?

Shall I be remembered for deeds done
Even before I count the total sum?

Will my legacy inspire those alone
All the wonder that I have known?

My spirit will float upon cool air
To reach others with genuine care

Alas, I give thanks a life well lived
Any transgressions, I duly forgive

Ti's time to wander beyond life's shore
And bid adieu to so many I do adore.

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