Tuesday, June 13, 2017


Rest, rest my dear, your life was not in vain
The world without you will never be the same

I remember the last warm summer's day
In the shadow of veiled memory I pray

Though days of golden dreams have past
Cherished memories, I keep, they last

I sleep deep in ever saddened anguish 
Alone perhaps, for here I languish

Cold and quiet, silenced ever now
Your lilting laughter, never to bow

Let me hear your voice once again
My dear, departed, loyal friend

The silence bears down its weight 
On this long journey, I still await

Shadow veiled, the years quickly past
Let us remember memories that last

Happily remember, an happily forget
Sadness be banished and sad regret

By autumn twilight let us reminisce
An think of that sweet summer kiss

Let us remember and do not forgo
The joy of life in the long, long ago.

"It tugs on your heart of memories."  Carolyn Beiderman

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